Why Artificial Christmas Trees?

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, a holiday you feel like spending with your beloved ones. It is the best time of year to offer and receive presents. Most families are keen on decorating a Christmas tree to set the mood for this important holiday. Since cutting down real trees only to keep them in your home for one month is rather cruel, most families choose fake Christmas trees instead.

An artificial Christmas tree is not only as beautiful as a real one, but it also comes with economical and environment-friendly advantages. First of all, you’ll only pay for your Christmas tree once and you’ll use it for many years to come. If you choose a high-quality artificial Christmas tree, you’ll enjoy it for decades.

How To Choose the Best Artificial Christmas Tree for You

If you don’t want to bother with installing lights, you can buy a prelit Christmas tree. They are already wired with everything needed to glow in the dark, so you’ll only need to plug your tree to the power outlet to enjoy those colorful lights that make the delight of this holiday.

If your space isn’t that big, you can choose a pencil Christmas tree or a slim Christmas tree. These fake trees come in different heights and they have a maximum diameter smaller than the diameter of real trees of the same height. This makes them suitable for narrow spaces.

There are also wall Christmas trees for those who aren’t ready to give up any of their available space to install the tree. You wouldn’t be able to get this amazing look if you were to choose a natural tree, no matter how small.

In fact, the best Christmas tree shop is the one that has all types and sizes of trees, unlit or prelit, flocked or natural, slim or full size, with or without ornaments, and made from beautiful and durable materials.

What Are the Best Artificial Christmas Trees?

The best artificial Christmas tree is the one that suits your specific needs and requirements. If you want to install it in your backyard, you’ll have to seek for outdoor Christmas trees. If you need to fill a very high space, you’ll have to buy the tallest artificial Christmas tree you can afford. If your rooms are rather small, you’ll have to go for a slim tree or even a pencil-shaped one.

Let’s see a list of the best 3 artificial Christmas trees for 2019:

1. Balsam Hill BH Balsam Fir Premium Artificial Christmas Tree, 7.5 Feet, Unlit

This Balsam fir artificial Christmas tree is a realistic replica of the Abies balsamea. The true needle foliage looks very realistic. The Balsam fir premium artificial Christmas tree is available in three variants: unlit, prelit and prelit with LED lights. If you order the unlit tree version, keep in mind that you won’t be able to plug your string of lights into the trunk of the tree.

This artificial Christmas tree looks odd as it comes out of the box, because they compress it for shipping. Allow some time for the branches to expand and the tree will reach its fullness.

You can read more about this artificial Christmas tree or order it here.

2. Douglas Fir Artificial Christmas Tree from National Tree with Dual Color LED Lights

This Douglas fir tree has 1867 branch tips and a very realistic look. Made from hinged metal, it is solid and very easy to store and to install. The LED lights change from white to multicolor. This artificial Christmas tree is non-allergenic and fire resistant. It comes with complete assembly instructions.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to fluff all branches yourself to give this tree the realistic look it is supposed to have. Take time to separate the branches and to move them around until you achieve the look you want.

You can read more details or buy this tree here.

3. AMERIQUE 691322310542 8′ Eight-Function Pre-Lit Premium Magnificent Artificial Full Body Heavily Flocked Snowy Christmas Tree with Metal Stand, Authentic Look and Feel, Extremely Attractive

THe advanced realistic technology makes this artificial Christmas tree an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy an authentic look and feel without having to cut down trees from the forest.

The premium pine needles and the feel-real branch tip are the best one could look for in a fake Xmas tree.

This tree comes with LED lights and it has a flocked look. You can find out more about this tree or purchase it here.